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About us

About X-Tron

Founded in 2017, x-tron is a company focused on high-end electric scooters. Focusing on the European market, it has been well received by the masses since 2017. Whether it is for work, outdoor travel or high-performance electric scooters, we are all Involved. It has brought a new revolution to our commuting tools!

Established: July 16, 2017

Members: 50,000+

The brand's vision: To open up a new path for commuting

Slogan: Customer is God

X-Tron X10PRO, T10PRO are our main styles and our pride.


Whether you need a faster form of transportation to get to work, or you simply want to cruise around your city, X-Tron scooters are the perfect solution - not to mention environmentally friendly!

Our scooters will let you enter a whole new world of modern transportation.

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Customer Support

Feel free to message us via our customer service chat on the bottom right of the screen. 

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After Sales

Customer is God. We always make it our utmost priority to serve you and all your queries. 

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Our goal is to give you more time for what’s important by delivering your favorite products to you — fast. No need pay vat!!!